Leveraging the power of the internet to:

Produce Quality Leads

Increase Sales

Increase Traffic


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Do you believe that more exposure on the internet would be good for your business?

Everyone knows the answer is yes.  In fact, a lot of businesses won't survive without it.

So if you know ranking high in Google search is good for your business, why are you not aggressively attacking your online marketing strategy? 

Do you think that running ads on Facebook and Instagram could bring you a boatload of new business?  Then why aren't you doing it?

The most common answers are...  

Who do you call?

Most businesses don't know a thing about SEO or how to market their business online so it's hard to make that call asking for help.  We're easy to talk to and will be very up front on how we can generate business for you.  No salesy B.S.

FireFly Marketing

Who can you trust?

We're talking about your BUSINESS.  You need to know your time and money is spent with someone who has the integrity to follow through on their promises and works to understand your business goals.

FireFly Marketing

Can they Deliver?

Can they actually get us to Page 1?  We have a proven system that works for both local and national campaigns.  We update our clients regularly with hard data on the progress and improvement of your sites' rankings.  We WILL deliver.


Who do you call?

Here at FireFly Marketing, we make it easy for you.  We'll give you a free website analysis of your on page SEO and give you a few tips to help you improve your rankings yourself.  We'll also show you where you are currently ranking for several of your main keywords.

But more importantly, we're easy to talk to.  We'll give you an honest assessment about your site and what we can do to help generate more business for you.  Our system works.   We have no need to pressure you in any way.  If you want more business, if you want to thrive on Page 1 then we can help you.



Our competitive edge has its root in one simple philosophy:  

Precision and Excellence

The most effective people on the planet, whether it's the U.S. Navy Seals, great business leaders or the most dedicated Buddhist monks, they plan and execute that plan with precision and excellence.  There are no wasted movements.  There is no sloppiness or chance involved whatsoever.  There is only plan and execute with the end goal in mind.  Plan and execute.

We have proven systems we implement with precision to get results fast and effectively.  

Make no mistake.  Business is competition.  Google rankings are definitely a competition.  Marketing your product or service is a competition.  Partnering with us, allows you to do what you do and let us compete for you.  This is OUR arena.


Want to find out how we can help you succeed?

Let us present a customized marketing plan for you.